Old News
September 18th 2015
Good morning to all!,
Today's newsletter is being brought you by a different person. My name is Rodney and I will be sending you fine folks the newsletter going forward. Dennis, as many of you may already know, has gone back home to Texas. In honor of the time he spent with us here at Computers Unlimited and HomeTown Wireless, we will be running a special on computer repair. From today, 09/18/2015, until next Friday, 09/25/2015, if you bring your ailing computer in and say 'Dennis', you will receive a 25% discount on the repair service. Don't forget that we also build computers customized to your needs. Just come in and tell us what you want to do with your new computer and we will gladly give you a quote. We look forward to seeing you in the shop! Don't forget to visit and like our Facebook page for news and updates in the tech community! With the stormy season came stormy service and for that we apologize. A few of our towers were the unfortunate victims of direct lightning strikes. As with most electronics, our equipment did not survive the encounter. I'm happy to report that the damaged equipment has been replaced and we're gearing up for a strong Fall and Winter. I wish everyone a great and safe day!
~Rodney W. and the Shocked Techs
June 2nd 2015
We are working to a solution for mobile data services for all of our current and future customers!
We have partnered with an international cellular company to provide cellular data, talk, and text at an affordable rate. This is a month-to-month, prepaid service with plans starting as low as $28/month! For a little more a month, you could have international calling to more than 30 countries. (Including: Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, China and more!) All that you would be required to do to be eligible, is provide a SIM unlocked cellular device. Don't know if your device is unlocked? No problem! Just call your current carrier and ask them if it is unlocked. If it is not unlocked, and the phone is paid off, you can ask them to walk you through the unlock process. Provided the phone is completely paid off, and you are not locked into a contract with the phone in question, they are legally obligated to let you unlock your device.
We are also looking to use this service to provide a short-term solution for internet for those stuck on the install waiting list. We don't yet have all the details hammered out on that regard yet, but I assure you that we are pounding away at coming to an ultimate solution. We will keep everyone up to date with details as they become available.
In other news, Microsoft has set a release date for Windows 10!
On July 29th 2015, Microsoft will be rolling out the new windows platform. This upgrade will be free, from Microsoft, for anyone who is currently using Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. It will remain free to upgrade until Summer 2016.
In the meantime, you may notice a new icon appear in the lower-right of your screen. (In the same area as the system clock) Do not be alarmed, this is not a sign that you have been hacked, infected with malware/viruses, or anything else of that nature. It is merely Microsoft pushing their new software! If this is troublesome to you, and you would like it removed, we have a way of doing this. Bring your PC into the shop and we can get rid of that annoying, unwanted advertisement for the low cost of $40.00. While your computer is in, we may recommend you have more work done to it, at a quoted rate.
If you are not troubled by the idea of a new Windows Operating System, feel free to go ahead and sign up for the upgrade. The only information they ask from you is your email address so that they can let you know when the update is ready for you to download and install. There is a check box to sign up for other email notifications, but you can opt out of those by leaving the box unchecked.
Staying on the cutting edge,
~Dennis and the Techies
April 2nd 2015
Happy Easter to all our valued customers!
Microsoft will soon release Windows 10. They skipped windows 9, since they have two old products beginning with a 9, Windows 95 and Windows 98. Apparently this could lead to some confusion.
We'll get to more about Windows 10 in a moment, but we have to let you know about a 25 percent discount on all computer work from now until Friday April 10. That's for work started anytime between now and Friday April 10. You'll save 25 percent off our normal labor that requires bench work. It doesn't apply to our very reasonable 15 minute "Front Bench Fixes, and the discount does not apply to parts. You must mention you heard about this deal in our weekly newsletter, and then we'll reward you with the 25 percent labor discount!
Back to Windows 10, the early views include a web browser that looks somewhat like Firefox. They call it Project Spartan. There's a lot more about it here on our Facebook page. When you're there would you please "like" any items we've posted that appeal to you, so we have a better idea of our customer needs and likes.
Also please remember our "refer a Friend" program. If you mention us to a friend who is looking for reasonably priced Internet service, be sure to tell them to mention you if they come to sign up. We'll give you a free month of Internet service just to prove our thanks for making a referral.
Happy Easter from the Friendly Staff of HTWC
March 26th 2015
Beloved Readers,
Spring is here! So are the left-over winter visitors - dust bunnies behind things in the house and especially inside your computer. We know just how to make your computer clean and happy again by cleaning out all the winter problems that love to hide in a nice warm machine that has plenty of hiding spots; we'll clean out the dust bunnies to make more room for the Easter Bunny!
Computer clean ups start at $75 (this includes an air dusting and complete tune-up,as well as minor malware removal), but estimates for bigger problems are always free. We can even clean sticky keys left over from children and grandchildren enjoying Easter treats and forgetting to wash their hands before using the keyboard. Or, we can let you know if a gently used keyboard at a very reasonable price may be the answer.
We also want to remind you of our popular "Refer-A-Friend" program. We'll credit you with a free month of Internet service. Just make sure they mention who sent them when they first sign up for Internet service. If you like our service, please tell a friend who is looking for inexpensive Internet service, as it helps a small, independent company grow to better serve your needs.
Remember to visit our Facebook page, where we have information on the latest items of computer interest, and occasionally, just items that may bring a smile to your face. If you see something there you enjoyed, please click "Like" so we'll know what our customers appreciate. If you really like our posts, you can "Follow" us to get updates directly to your timeline.
Have a wonderful and safe Easter holiday,
~Dennis and the Dust-Busting, Digital-Mechanic Crew!
Feb 25th 2015
Hi Cookie Lovers!
~CAROLINE and the Cookie Shop Monsters
Jan 8th 2015
Hail and Happy New Year to everyone!
With all the new year resolutions flying around we have decided to make one of our own...NO MORE NICKELS!! We've never raised prices (nor have we ever intended to) however, those dad-gum nickels just got to be too much of a nuisance.
We are fed up with their shenanigans and are getting rid of them. Beginning February 1st, all internet price plans will increase by, you guessed it...A NICKEL! We can all enjoy the benefits of a flat rate. (no more pesky pocket change!) We appreciate everybody out there and look forward to being your continued wireless internet service provider of choice in 2015!
~Rodney, Dennis, and the New-Year Tech Monkeys
Jan 1st 2015
Greetings, once again!
On behalf of everyone here at the shop, welcome to 2015!!! I hope everyone had a fun, safe holiday and blew plenty of things up! Also, with it being the first of a new year, don't forget to eat your black-eyed peas and greens for a year filled with good luck and prosperity. We are looking forward to another great year of providing wireless internet to the greater Z-hills/Dade City area.
Today, I will be changing the word-of-the-week to "Lucky". The deal will be the same as last week's, just with this new word. You can bring in any new computer for an initial setup at the low low price of $55, normally a $75 charge.
As always, remember to check out our Facebook Page and "Like," "Follow," and "Share" anything you like!
Until next time,
~Dennis and the New Year Bell Tolling Techies